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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sec 1 outing

hello readers!

I didn't really post for quite a while and a lot of things happen during this time and one of them is the Sec 1 outing!!! Last Thursday my church sec 1 friends were gathered by a youth called Kailing to go to Marina Barrage to fly we were to meet at city hall mrt. There was Grace, Denise, Regina, Cindy and En yu ( so little boys in this batch of sec 1s !!!!) then we headed for Mac for lunch before heading towards Marina Barrage..but cos we have to take shuttle bus there and there is a construction site so a lot of dust and my throat is very irritated...then En yu got bitten by red ants at the ankle...then at last we reached there!! By the time we got there the place was quite wet cos the rain just stopped. So we took off our shoes and ran in watery grass with kites that just could not fly...( one reason is becos we not good at it..) then Denise thought whether we could go bowling but cos Kailing has a meeting and there was not enough time...she told us to go ourselves but must ask permission from our parents..

Then we headed to i think is city hall for dinner and then Kailing had to go so we said bye and went to the Marina Square Bowling alley...but cos we were not here before we took some time to find it and when we found was booked by a company for enjoyment!!!!!The WHOLE bowling alley!!!!!! So we discussed and decided to go Kovan for bowling, but Cindy thought that it was a bit far from her place so she said bye...then by the time we reached Kovan it was about 8+ and all the lanes were taken!!! So we waited and played a bit at the arcade only racing and En yu was the first...then finally we got the 2nd lane and we played for 2 rounds...and it cost $41.50!!! very expensive!! So i guess we had a great time!!
Thanks for reading!!

From Timothy
(p.s one of the kite we flew got stuck on the tree but a Indian man helped us)
(p.p.s it started to rain only after we done flying the kites and we played in the fountain!! Thank God!!)
(p.p.p.s go back to p.s)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Examination part 2

hello readers!

today i finally got my results! not really what i thought i would have gotten but i think is good are the results: Eng-64 / b4 Chinese-60/ b4 Math- 78/ a1 Sci-72/ a2 History-73/ a2 DnT-72/ a2 Art-65/ b3 Music- b P.E-b CE- a
so even though i didn't really score well, i no fail is very good i guess even though i was not in the top 10, i still ok cos i will try to work harder for next year...oh yea and today was the councilor interview and i think is quite easy but i doubt that i will become one...cos i saw how 'tough' the sec3s were when we were having the interview....i hope nxt year can do better...

thanks for reading....
From timothy=)

Pottery Jungle

hello readers,

today our class took a trip to a pottery jungle a.k.a Dragon Kuit. It is located in jurong so is very very far from my school at serangoon. But it gives a bit of free time for my friends to play their PSP games...cos i forgot to bring...and the teacher which is bringing us there is very funny sia...he like very direct: ok 1e2 just go onto the bus and sit down and shut up... then is like very funny. Anyway, the place had a lot of pots and had many statues...some are like super cool! like got one is a giant eagle, or a small elephant...then we were given balls of clay and were asked to make something out of it...then i made a call la cos not in shape... and many of my classmate made very nice ones...then we go for a break and we go buy stuff to eat...( mostly ice-cream) and then we went to modelling on the potter's a wheel that spins and you have to shape the mold with wet hands...then i made the pot's lip (the top part) very thin...then josiah( friend of mine) make until the clay spanned off the wheel..then very funny...anyway then we went back to school...the end..lols

so i learnt that buses are very comfortable sometimes..lols

From timothy =)
p.s the Dragon Kuit is becos the furnance is very big and long like drangon and have fire come out

Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Readers,

today i am going to share about my exam results...actually i have study la but my exam results still not as good as my mock test...a bit strange u know what i mean? But through this period of time i learnt that i can do absolute nothing without God. I recall that when ever i pass a exam with good grades i will forget how i do it and looking at the papers i actually dunno how to do the questions, so i am very sure God is with me, but for this year's EOY ( end of year exam) i only studied at the few days before the exam and so i think i am ok la...and the papers seem soo easy and i though i would have got great marks. But i found out that only when i trust God completely, can i really this story i made up : There was this boy named Bob and he was blind. He will always try to find a path back to his home, but he will always be lost because he is blind and cannot see his way. One day, he heard that a famous doctor had come to his town so he was excited that he can finally see. But on his way there, he was lost usual...then he felt that someone was holding his hand...that person did not talk he just led Bob somewhere...Bob was frightened because he really wanted to see again and find that doctor...but Bob trusted that the person will do no harm to he just let the person led him...soon the person gave Bob a pill and when he ate it he could see again!!! What he saw shocked him...he saw that he was at his home and that the person was the famous doctor that led him to his home....Bob was happy that he trusted the person...

so i hope this story will tell you about how trusting God fully is very important.....
thanks for err...reading=)

By timothy choo - p.s Bob's story is fictional

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello readers!

today i went to a clinic because my ear was blocked..then there the doctor used a very large spryinge to suck up a container of purple stuff and then kinda squirted in my ear! Quite disgusting when i saw my own err....u noe..the yellow thingy in ur ear...then i thank God because it has been stucked there for 3 days! so long... and the other thing is that i gt a new phone for my birthday!! I only got the phone ytd cos only then can i gt it! My phone is touch screen one! bt i can only thank God ...Holidays are coming! Hope u all can enjoy ur holidays!!! Cya!

From timothy
(p.s this is not counted as a informal

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long time ago...

Hello guys!

sry i didnt really post for a very long this period of time i really experience a lot in God and stuff like the recently common test ( class test ) i actually is study the day before one and is really very rush and i didn't hve time to do my tution hw. But i thank God cos he really blessed not only me bt my friends too..almost all the students say quite easy. The next thing is the SING FOR YOU 2!!! That time was really great...cos i was in charge of assiting Enyu ( friend church) in the process of changing from slides to we were very successful and thank God for that and i was sooper thankful when Lance ( ckassmate- true name is Yong Heng) cos he gt come....then he kinda liked it i think...most of all i thank God that drums lessons have ressumed!! That means that every thur or dunno wat day ( smtimes will change) will have lessons!!!! Thanks for tagging even though i did't post!! May God bless you in your daily life!!!! Cheers!

From Timothy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello im back!!!

hello pple!! such a looong time since i posted anything...ok im not going to talk bout my trip to thailand today...srysry bt im going to share bout what i have learnt....

1. I learnt that girls of thailand are very very very shy!!!
2. I learnt that living without TV is possible for more than 3 days!!
3.I learnt that if you marinate a chicken in soy sauce in a fridge for 2 days and then go fried it it is sooper nice...
4. I learnt that AirAsia planes are very rocky when they take off and landing
5. I learnt that we must encourage each other in a team in order to improve
6. I learnt that being sick during a mission is a very sad thing cos you cant do anything to help
7. I learnt that bloging what had happened during my trip is impossible unless i break it into many posts

ok thats about all i will be posting again soooon!!
From Timothy Choo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the sequence of my friends

hello pple!

today im here to talk about the status if my friends no matter ur a chruch friend or a classmate:1.True Brother/Sister- they are the ones that really care bout one and stick together(R)
2.Brothers/Sister-they stick together during the harsh-est times together...(R)
3.True Buddies-they are the ones that be together through fun and sad(OF)
4.Great buddies-they hang around one...often bringing joy to one(OF)
5.Buddies-they stick together only when they see one(OF)
6.True friend-only care bout one when they receive the news...(VO)
7.Great friend-hang out wif one quite rarely bt will care for one(OF)
8.friend-knowledge of one is little and talks nt much to one(VO)
here are the legends: (R)=rare (OF)=Often (VO)=very often
rate yourself and see what kind of friend are you to me!!
Hve fun!!! i will nt post for the nxt 7 days !!

From Timothy Choo Jing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My trip to malaysia wif my church...soo fun!!!

hello pple!!

today im here to tell you bout the things i expericnce in my church retreat to malaysia, Johor Barhu... here are sum of the main pple i might talk bout that u don really noe...( intro to my friends/teachers/parents/sibilings and so on)
1. My parents ( mom and dad )
>Grace Ho ( she is a great friend of mine that is very smart..)
>Regina ( she quite sentitive to laughter and is a buddie)
>Denise ( she is very open and is a great buddie)
>En yu...a.k.a Joshua (very pleasing to be wif and likes to watch TV on handphone...great friend)
>Gerdine ( she very rough smtimes but all the time is very peaceful....true friend)
3.Teachers ( there's quite a lot soo i jus skip to the children friends)
4.Friends( below 13):
>Jeremiah ( 12 this year.. very sporty and friendly to be wif...true buddie)
>Nicholas( 10 is yr...very hyper and likes jokes a lot...true friend)
>Timothy( 9 is think.nt sure... he is a very cheerful guy wif little negetive...great friend)
>Zechariah(Jeremiah's bro...quite open minded and very playful...friend)
> Yi Xin( bout 9 i think...very active and likes to wrestle wif me...pain!! true friend)
>Li Yan( bout 9 i regina's bro then very cute...great friend)
>Pei Xian( a member of the thailand trip also...hi 5!)
>David( the leader of the trip to thailand)
>Kian Hong( a great singer and composer)
>My sisters( great pianst and singers and composers)
>Sin tat( great electronic drummer and RGB expert)
>Jon shea ( ultra drummer and great singer)
>Yan ling ( a great singer and is going to marry to David by the end of this yr)
Sunday,7th June:
after church service mum sort of pulled me to the hawker to hve late lunch at bout 4.30 cos i didnt eat that after eating David went to my dad's car to put some stuff for the trip then after that we boarded the bus and went to the trip was bout 1.5 hrs and is quite fast la...reach the woodlands tuas and then went to the line to chop the passport i think...then i saw regina behind the line and enyu at another line...then went back to the we went to the hotel...very big!!! bout 30 stories high!! i pub gt club gt snookers and a big swiming pool!!! also gt a big gym...then we took the door key and go to our rooms..and our room number is 2009!!!!!!!!!!! i think( 20 is level 20 then 09 is the number of rooms in the level 20)then after that went to have dinner after i ALMOST finish the mum ask me to move somewhere else cos the place too i move to squeese wif my sis...then i saw enyu and regina and denise...enyu and regina sitting at my left and right on the floor then denise sitting on the when she sort of call me..everyone on the table looked at me...quite funny la...then went to level 6 for a game period...very funn.!! after that go back rm sleep ....
Monday,8th June
woke up then went for 2 sermons in the morning after breakfast then go to hve lunch after that..the sermons at first i think surely boring then i will actually the first sermon i alsomst sleep bt the second quite interesting....then went to hve lunch then planned to go to the gym wif the sec 1s and nicholas go la cos they give the whole after noon free time...then we whent to Denise room first to meet up then go liaos....then cos regina and me were wearing the jeans cannot go inside so we hve to go back to change...then i change faster so i go first( also becos the cleaning ppl acome until my rm liaos)then go gym...timothy"s dad ask who wan to play the i and nichols go then we hve a lot of fun...then i saw the rest of the sec 1 going to the i go ask them can swim in shrits meh...they say can as long as you go borrow a towel from the gym so they 123 jump i pushed denise down so regina and jermiah and denise were in the water then cos when they jump gerdine didnt jump so i pushed here down then i continue to go play wif timothy...we ended up swiming wif the guys cos the weather was sooper hot...then finish liaos go back rm gt ready for the dinner...after that went to 3rd sermon...then i find it very interesting...then i went to sit wif the denise and regina and grace and enyu...then i saw regina pass me a note saying.."I will always be your BBF" wif her signature then enyu go change to "I will always be your gf" very diao la....then regina snatch back and tore it into 4 pices then i wrote back ok thnks!!
Tuesday,9th june
woke up then went to breakfast then after that we pack up and took the luggages to the Ground level then when for the last sermon....VERY INTERESTING... then heard testimonies during the trips then went down to collect the luggages and went to buses...woah all of us different buses one lor...sad la...except nicholas and my parents....i was the only teenager in my bus apart frm another one bt is frm the eng min of our church...then went to JUSCO to hve lunch and shopping..another very coinicidenal thing happened..when i alighted the bus i also saw regina alight from the bus...i nt sure if she saw me bt i noe her bro cuming after me saying"hello brother!" cos they think im very nice person so they make me their bro...then nicholas and the yi xin and li yan all kind of like grab onto me then timothy said hi to me and is like im a magnet to children...-_-''' but i like little children..!! too bad i dun hve little bros or sis....then after that when to the tuas before that we were waititng for the rest of the ppl to board the the corner of my eye i saw regina at the other bus like staring at smthing...then we waved and smilled then we wnet off...( wnet= went+ when) then reach church my dad drove us back wif the car then go hm sleep .....GOD BLESS YOU!

Regards Timothy Choo Jing
( i love the hotels' conflakes...very nice...)

YAY!! im back from retreat! now on to thailand...

hello pple!

today im typing this post becos i want to inform u all guys that i was not contactable during these past 3 days as i was in malaysia and i cannot call abroad..ok la i nxt time then say about the retreat very fun!! thats bout all! sry for any misunderstanding or confusion caused...thanks!! bbye!

Regards Timothy Choo Jing

Friday, June 5, 2009


hello pple!!

ytd and today was quite same la so im just gona say quite generally...ok ytd: i woke up as usual then go to church at 9 then go to the 40a rm 1 then the team came 1hr late thing David was early then we gt the devotion for the whole morning then we disscussed bout the time-table for the trip then i saw a game i didnt know so i called: turst fall. then they demo-ed...i had to stand on the table and fall backwards!! while the rest are at the back holding me....i think i told u before? then after that we dissuces bout the drammas then fin liaos go hm...
today: ok la i woke up at 10 then go to TB mrt to meet my team then eat MAc for lunch then after that go to the church office to disscus sum more than after that go back to church...actually i shud go church one bt i choose the wrong choice cos the pastor gt pray for the thailand trip ppl...sad la...sry guys...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi its me!! remember? im timothy hi!!!

hellos pple!!

don worry u can ignor the title...anyways today i woke up in the morning to go to the prayer meeting wif my big sis at the tan boon liat building( smwhere near tiong baru MRT) then the prayer powerful leh...cos the pastor and a lot of the in-charges are there( they are the pple in charge of different deparments in the church like children part and adult and teens and elderly and so on) then i gt to pray for the children and teens ministry...soo cool!! then i when to tiong baru the market there wif the church pple to hve lunch then after that the thailand ppl and me go to the church to hve think of dissusion for sum testimony then like very hard like that then after i finish making my testimony then go play the drums and like nice la cos we at the rm 308. after that we when to geylang..( pls pple...go there to gt vaccination...INJECTION...nt what ur thinking..)then we reach the doctor say my arm the musscle nt enought so he injected my butt...quite pain la bt also a bt nice...cos gd sweets to eat! then after that hve dinner and then go hm going to sleep...
from timothy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thailand trip meeting...

hello pple!!

today i woke up at bout 7 i think vos the going thailand pple is suppose to meet at 9.00am at queenstown one of the hawker near our church for breakfast...then when i reach gt no one i frantically SMS my team then all of them late sia!! bt nvm la cos they all last night sleep in the end we ate light breakfast then go to the 40a room 1( thats the classroom on top of the hawker) then we had devotion matt chap 5 i think bt i remember is bout betutes( be-ti-tu-ties) devotion quite long bt is like only 30 min bt is actually bout 3hr then at bout 12 we still nt hungry yet so david( leader...) show us sum jokes on the Mac book then very funny. then later bout 1 we go eat then after that at 2.30pm we go back and go "train" on the thai song we are suppose to learn:"Jesus lover of my Soul" in thai. then we made a dramma bout David and Goliath... then cos i was the youngest i gt the role of David then the play is like very funny cos the show is for kids...then is like i throw a paper ball at Goliath and he!!!!
then after that i nid to go all the way to my tution centre to gt my HW cos tml i nt going cos i gt another i m still nite!!
from timothy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

My life....

hellos pple!! long time didnt post is 2 days only...ok ill start with sat: sat was great la...cos i woke up in the morning then bout 8.30 go church for the bible study..then is like finish the whole thing liaos then gt a mini exam...then go there Bro Chris( one of the in charge for teens) go give us sum tips and revision...then exam cum liaos..then the Q is like most of the Q bro CHris gt say until soo quite easy...then for section A,B,C total gt 54 surly pass liaos!! then after that gt the thailand trip meeting...then talk bout the time table and the orphanages ( place where children wilthout parents live...) sum are christians bt sum are nt...then frm 12.30-3 we disscus then finish liaos then go home...then very tired..

Sun: today quite sian at the morning cos the church children go botanic garden play then no fu shi( service) so nid to wait till bout 4.30 then go for youth service. soo the whole morning and after noon play play then hve a weird feeling cos nt going to church in sunday is like sooper weired....then i bout 3 go to church then meet denise and regina at the MRT then after that we go together to the church then saw en yu so we walk together...then after service go eat then home liaos...then go wif kailing jie and the rest...then on mon gt meet my friends to do a project...very tired....

today: woke up at around 6.30 cos nid to go meet my friends then go to sch i saw only 1 friend so we wait...then gt a lot of sec 4 cum then i saw my other friend cum bt cos he wear the slippers he cannot enter...-_-''. then he luckliy gt bring his sch shoes so we go to the basket ball court then my OTHER friend also cum liaos...soo we make a video on racial harmony friends say can make bout the Handphone the cermical gt the malay, chineses, english and tamil language for the ringtone...super funny sia...go hm liaos then now com-ing

From timmothy

Friday, May 29, 2009

My exam results are FAN-TAS-TIC!!!

hello pple!!

today was quite short soo this post may be like sooper shot. today when to sch last day!! sooo happy then nid go classroom to do CIP( this is the part where you bring ur own cloth and wipe and clean the whole classroom) then like super fast la bout 15 min gao tim( finish liaos)then we go hall for a talk i think on the Asian Youth Games...( a.k.a AYG) then the teacher disucces bout how the touch is goin to cum to our sch passing by then gt 3 students will gt to hold it!! sooo cool all is upper sec one...only gt one sec 2...then after that each class nid to select a country with a luck draw for smthing i forgot...then our class gt malaysia!! actually they all want China cos they think is super strong...lols!! then go to the meet the parent sesscion...then i gt my repot bk...i actually gt 2 A1 and 1 B3 and 2 B4!!! no fail sad la cos nxt term my sci teacher will go to the upper sec then gt new teacher cum...really sad lor...ill miss you Mr Lim( u noe him? i think i gt tell you bout him before?)
From timothy( hi)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another another day in school without teachings...

hellos pple!!

today i woke up at 6 sharp then is like very tired la cos ytd night was playing games on my sis HP cos her one is touch screen...then go sch saw leroy( le-roy)(he is my NPCC squad mate) then we go sch on the same bus...then at sch assemble as usual then blah blah after that we go to the hall for assembly then talk bout err...i forgot i think then go for resscess cos the sec 4 gt the intensive study then all the chinese all go to sec 4 then sec 1 and 2 don hve chinese!! sooo after that nid go back to the hall to play a game the teachers made up called the: "who wants to be a bowinianair"(bo-wee-nian-air) then each class must one by one go up ans a Q. then we waited our turn then after that everyone like sian liaos cos only listen to ppl anwing Qs. then go back class to do smthing related to racial harmony i think...our grp making a video i think is base on the M1 cermical( ker-mer-cial)then like very funny!! then after that still nid to hear a talk on crime prevention...lols almost fell asleep!! then after sch go wif my mum to tampines to buy shoes then i like sooper tired...soo we early go hm...then tml gt clean classroom hope i wount be sooo tired
From timothy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My another day in activities!!!

hellos pple!!!

today woke up at bout 7.30 i think then go is going marsiling for sum activity i think then i dunno yet then we assemble then go liao bt this time is only 3 classes go cos the nuber too big...then i found out that we are going to learn how to like sooo cool la!! then we wear the gears and the skates then gt split into 3 grps: the beginers( didnt learn before) the intermidieat( in-ter-mi-diat)(for the know liao ppls!!) then pre-beginers( still cannot cope with the beginers yet) soo im in the beginer one...then after learning for bout 3hrs we finally gt to take off the gear..then when i did soo my hand is like gt a white strip at my hand cos the gear strap cover my hand then the sun super strong...then after that reach sch go buy bubble teh then go hm liaos then now here coming( is com-ing gt it? lol) tution also over....wish tml no sch then can relax cos my hands aching sia...

From timotee( walk the extra mile...)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Science Center sooo cool!!!

ellos pple!!

sry for nt posting bout everyday cos i a bit lazy liao or i dun hve time...anyways ytd( for ur info: monday) was okok la cos after sch then no more activities do so go hm la then go play com and TV( is watch TV nt play!!) then very that day over liaos ok? then today the sec 1s all go for the science centre trip cos is post exam stuff then very excited frineds all bring their PSP then is like im the only one then the bus trip can play then can nt soo boring...soo i lend bt can only play a while...then at the sci center we go have a info hunt( u noe treasure hunt? is hunt the hunt is hunt the info...) then we must form into grps then go hunt the info...we also gt a booklet and a ticket( free sia...nice!!) then i didnt do cos i wan to enjoyso my friend keep copying then i jus wait lor then i say 1 person copy then later finish all then the rest copy then can cos the booklet dun nid pass up so i didnt do in the end...then saw a lot of funny things like gt this elevator that has moving walls on the side so when you go up is like only the platform going up and not like the HDB is a box going up( understand??!!) then gt play with electricity and saw the moral eel very creepy cos like a stick bt can suddenly spring out to eat or smthing...then we go back liao raining then go with Chee Wai and Sandric( sandric a.k.a san is a IT guy then i think u noe who is chee wai..) then now at hm very tired then tml still nid to go to the skating park then is very tired...tml then say la...
from Timothy..........=)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

errr.....Hi pple!!

hi pple!!!

today: this morning i woke up at bout 7.20 cos i nid go church go help them set up the sign boards for the 365 cancer pervention rasise fund kinda thingy...they sell the food nice laksa even and lor my kiy( these are singapore delights if u dunno) then gt one sell the no-ya they all sell a little bit expensive cos nid to raise funds for the cancer pple...then the lol group( NOT=laugh out means in church lol= light of spent the whole morning frm 9.30-12 setting up the place...then the english minstery cum out they like crowded the whole place then is like woah!! then after that gt children go gt a quick lunch then go upstairs...then today i no fu i jus help out at the cell grp...then like very fun...cos is p6 then more mature then the youngers then like they very funny writing a card to anybody gt one write a card to Mr armpithair...then like sooo funny la..then after that go hve dinner then go hm liao...sooo tired...cant type for ytd one sry ar guys and gals..

From timothy( oh ya i confess i wrote a post in my classblog...the 1st one...check it out..: pls i didnt cum out wif this name friends did...)

Friday, May 22, 2009


hello pple!!

yesterday: yesterday was okok la....first period is assembly then talk bout the smoking hve 4000 chemicals inside then cannot smoke and then how to prevent...after that was chinese...teacher let us slack cos gt nothing to teach liao...then dunno why the class cancel the class outing sia...i think is cos they all busy or smthing else...then cos hols very sian at i ask a few ppl if they wan to go we organised 2 only boys go girls and is NOT class outing...thats why Josiah or me must be the sponser/sponsor(dunno which...) then after sch go hm then gt ready go back sch cos my NPCC uni too big then nid go change...i bout 4.15 smthing cum hm frm changing then com almost all the way...then i remember nid to polish the polish lor...then my sis say the haven polish one is shiny-er than the polish one...then i a bit irritated bt nvm la...

today: today was ok also...i think everyday of my life that has no nid of reading a bk non-stop for 3hrs is okok one..(if u don understand then just skip this part...) first gt the math...then i gt 88 sia!! nice lor...cos is A1....sooo happy!! then my friend (call him Davin a.k.a teh bing) say my ans and his ans diff bt teacher also tick i go ask teacher then she say i wrong...soo i -1 mark...i abit sad la bt at least i was honest rite? soo i gt 87 for math...then sci cum...a very amazing thing happen .... my sci teacher( Mr Lim...derick lim..) say one of the Q the ans nid to change so my sci i +1 mark...thank God la cos in the end i still have same gainage(gain-age the amount of marks scored total of all subs) then this morning i also found a 50 cent on the floor...then my friend say finders i keep cos i dunno who one..then NPCC training very fun...the PT( physical training) very shiock( she-ock..means very wow kind of feeling i think nt sure how to explain..) then gt games...we then change into uni...then like everyone very smart i feel i look like very chubby/fat cos my pants still very big....then when i go hm...i accdentially drop a 50cent...the same 50 cent i picked up this is like very amazing la....nice at hm everyone go cell grp then i a bit sian...tml gt thailand meeting...oks byes!

From timothy(hi)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our sch soccer girls rock!!! yeah!!!

hellos pple!!

today was fantastic lessons as usual and cos form teacher nt here( she is Mrs Izal our form teacher) so we don hve the math lessons!! yay! then the exam results also cum out liao...wah the results really very co-win-si-dence( you noe? when smthing special repeats again...or smthing...) sci: B4, chinese: B4, homecon: B4... i was like shock bt also a bit happy la cos no fail...the rest still dunno....then after sch nid go do sum sort of survy(sur-vay) for the IT thingy...then go to the NPCC the NCO( or to you is a sec 3 high ranking person) teach us how to polish the shoes...the way they do like very easy bt actually nid very long then very shiny...soon we take the sch bus go to the Jalan Be-smthing i forgot then see our sch soccer girls go against the AMK( ang mo kio) sec...then many of the AMK players keep falling down...nt sure if real or jus acting...then in the end we win 2-1! yays!! bt we also gt cheer for the AMK cos they like very sad cos this is the semi-final then after this match we go finals...very exciting...then now jus came hm then too tired to go tution..decided to stay hm rest...hope teacher wount scold me!!

From Timothy(walk the extra mile!!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My NPCC uniform rocks man!! but..there's problem..

hellos pple!!

today is super great at sch lor...cos exam over soo the subject teachers let us play and chat bt nt too loud...very fast sch over liao...then actually meeting Josiah and Chee wai at my hm to go J8(junction 8 at the smwhere in singapore..cant remember...i think is bishan(bee-shan)) then nid stay back to take the NPCC uni...i thought is only like few mins to think is like 1 hour sia...thnks to chee wai cos he warned me bt i thoght NCDCC and NPCC nt actually meeting at 2.30 i reach hm at 4.15...soo they go liao then my dad also see me cum hm very tired so i didnt go i can do anything at hm until night!! yays!! The uni quite big cos they take another guys body as mine...cos that time still gt choir...then now the sleve is like alsmost touching my hand sia....hope the pants is nt too long...sad la...too tired to continue...byes!

From Cadet TCJ( thats timothy choo Jing to you!!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My another day out...wheew..glad it was over...

hellos pple!!

today is a very busy day i can say....cos Josiah and Joshua and Wei ren cum my hosue play..or smthing....then is like sandric can cum one la bt gt the tution..sian...( the names that i just type are my classmates...Josiah is the chair man( blind man...) Joshua is the badmintonator(smone gd at badminton i think) Wei ren is the friend guy....we play badminton like in the rain this morning...then we cum back hve lunch then go compass point to cut my hair...they stand outside waiting for me...then Josiah pay for our great time at the arcarde...cos he pay for the table thingy and then must shoot the little thing to ur opposite person the slot...very hard la! then play the spider game...nid shoot all the spider then gt one super big one...then we cum hm then play sumomore badminton(i realise that they are OBSSESED with the game sia...)then Chee Wai cum(he is a very perserver kinda guy..don like to gve up) then play play then we go back hm take bag then they go hm....then whole evening play the piano and sis keep wanting frm me sia...idk y siddenly a crave for psp...ok thats all for is marking day sia...NO SCH!! YAYS! tml gtinng the NPCC uni..very excited then hve the2.4km run...also very scared...all the best la!! God bless!! Cheers!

From Timothy(walk the extra mile!!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SFY is a success!!! i'll explain...

hi pple!!

firstly im here to say er...sorry ya..cos i long time no post liao(seriously long la!! bout 1.5 weeks didnt touch liaos) then today is i think i hve told you...i hve a performance to raise funds for mission trips( nt gt CDs...they are nice!!)then is like today very tired...morning went to church by Grace's dad vehicle( Grace chow...nt ho...anyways she's my sis's buddie) then went to a building famously known as 6C...then we pray...really powerful sia...seriously...then we gt ready( gt make -up on my face bt is super light like did'nt put like that then go do hair...they do my hair like pulling my hair...very pain...) then i go hve lunch...then go back church perform dance dance finish!!!( it only last 1min though) then go hve dinner at PS(plaza sing....cos my sis they all go there then i follow) then i back really tough...spent 10 mins in the shower just for the hair!! now i think i go to sleep..tml Jos and Josh cuming to play bad...again!!(bad=badminton) but i think will be fun la!! cheers!!!

From Timothy...walk the extra mile.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A friends Day out...

eollos pple!!

today at sch was real fine!! then time flies and sch was over...yays! LOG WEEKENDS!!then the Famous Four( ok i made that it sounds cool rite?) go to my house naming: Chee Wai, Josiah ,Joshua and me....sad las cos gt one friend didn cum schcos gt sum reason...then we play badminton(its is a very tiring game....expctially(es-pae-shr-ly)for 2h)thats what we did...then cum back super tired...then they go liao....i also heard that Josiah is going to Hong Kong tml...the Disney Land!! all the best! yup! thats all for today...i wonder if tml or the nxt tml will turn out to be what? Tune in to find out!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


hi pple!!

today is SYF day!!! I fell very tired....cos nid frm 6.30-7.00 at SCH!!! ok hve go VCH(for ur info it is Victoria Concert Hall) we morning prepare voice then we bout 8 go VCH...then we go up on stage after we alighted...very fast...then gt one group in purple go before us( we are red ppl...guys are black+red) then we perform...sing like crazzy(we almostt shout i think)then we see 2 more choirs...they very funny...cos the one group singing im on fire? lols!!..then another group singing halleluja...very cool! then gt Macdonalds we eat then the teacher(a.k.a. Mr Foong...pronounced as Mr fu-ong)then we go back sch rest play play until bout 4 we gt results that we gt sliver...high sliver to sound nice!! then we perform at sch...till 7 then i take bus 43 then i fell asleep then i nid to walk back to home...soo is like super tired...ya...this is also the last day in choir ...then i go wishes to my fellow choir mates!!

From Timotee!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a day!!! wheww......sooo tired...

hi pple!!

today was smashing!!( its a bad thing when i say that) cos today seriously busy...ok let me start..this morning gt school..then blah blah finish! yays! bt then nid to go hm to gt some history project thingy and bluetac then nid go to dramma rehears( but in the end call off cos everyone very tired)then i go choir till 6.30 then i cum hm then now here at com!!then later must do the modelling then hve tution hw then sch hw then nid a lot of other hw! i think i nid a break....i guess i cannot slack too much also...well i jus hope exams will pass ASAP!!

From the timothy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gosh IM SICK!!!! But YAYs!! No school!!!!

yos ppl!

today i got sick! cos during the weekends i think got showerde by rain or smthing.My mum says im too tired but i think is rain la! Today very xian at home, i woke up around 7++ then cannot go sch cos mum say the sick later pass to other ppl. then go see doctor waited for 30mins then is my turn. my mum say she also sick cos she sounds funny (throth gt problem) then Ryan SMS and Josiah also SMS me(Ryan is my classmate, Josiah is my chairman!)then Evon call me(she is also my classmate...but I think i spel her name wrongly)but i cannot still gt choir practise and NPCC now all cannot go liao...a bit sad. But the e-learning hw is also finish already thanks Ryan! anyways i hope i can be better tml,cos today the SBS ppl cum and change the ez-link then i didnt cum so very sad cannot take and see the new card.

hope to be better

From the sick boy(sick as in the physical sick not the perverted sick haha!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

YAY!!!! Sunday is finally here!!!!!

hi people!!!

Guess what? Today is Sunday!!! I noe is very very common to go throught Sunday. But this Easter not about chocolate eggs or the easter bunny...its about God ! I noe this sounds a bit weired but It IS TRUE! God died for us on the Friday so we can be free(thats y its called Godd Friday!)Then he came back to live on the 3rd day which is today!(cos his God)So is like saying we can celebrate today! Cos he is alive!!!(2000yrs ago...)okie i hope this post will toutch your heart but if it didnt then nvm thnkas anyways!!!

From Timothy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My songs!!!

hi ppole!!

once again im here to tell you ppl smthing in my life haha!anyways i juz hope u like my new songs! but plz if you wan to listen, plz stop the pirates of the carribbean song before playing the others and ya the love story song rite? is not special to mi anymore only hossana! thanks this is more of a reminder than a post haha cheers!!

From Timo the servant!

(p.s ppl i changed my e-mail plz contact my e-mail via thanks!!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Friday is here!!!!!!! yeah man!!!

hi ppl!!!

nice to see you again!!! hey good fridays cuming!!!YAY!!!-_-''' anyways you ppl noe the meaning of good friday? i later tell you haha!! the month i very busy but i now slacking haha nid to work harder....hope for all the best for the SYF choir!! i also added some songs! i noe the first few songs are a bit boring or juz too childish! i garentee you that the new songs i added can be better! they are really special to me!!!! hope you like it!! oh ya if you don see them then you have to wait cos i hvent add yet haha!!! ok all the best for anything cuming!!!

cheers mates!!!

From Timothy Choo=)

(the ans to y Gd friday is gd is becos in Christians the Lord(a.k.a Jesus)died for the ppl on the cross to set us free frm our sins anyways in the end he came alive again cos his God. ya)and here is a pic frm NPCC enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hey guys!

today is aprils fools day!!! the best day of my whole yre round 365 days(exculding gd friday(p.s its really good!!)) anyways i manged to scared (or trick you might say) err a small percentage of only 2 ppl! haha, actually i already scared my friend yesterday! (his name is annomous (i cant bear to embrass him, did i say its a him?nono his a err person yaya!)i managed to scare that person 5 times (3 in the morning, 2 in class)haha! Tml is his B-day!!! Congrates if ur reading this,anyways YPPAH LIRPA SLOOF YAD!!(IF U uNnDeRsTaNd !!)I hope to scare him but ill feel v.guilty i guess i wont(don worry!)

From the prankster(actually is more of a scarer, but who cares anyway? haha HAFD!!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Npcc rocks man!!! Not for the fainted-hearted...

hey guys!

hows it going?! Today i'm happy so don worry that i will bash anyone up(which i don even if im angry)haha anyways yesterday i went to NPCC it rox man!!!! Ya but since i nid to choir first so i a bit late but i had fun! There are 5 knots in this world that i have learnt:the thumb knot(your normal one)the 7 knot(use the shape of the 7 with your fingers)the 8 knot(the knot looks like channel 8! haha)the fireman's chair(very difficult!!!)the double tie knot(your normal knot only with 2 strings together!cool eh?)But the most tough part of NPCC is the PT(physical training)ok here's how it looks like: DO 50 PUSH UPS AND THEN 60 JUMPING JACKS AND THEN RUN AROUND THE SCHOOL TWICE THEN BACK TO PUSH UPS THEN CRUCHES(you noe?where you hve to raise you legs while doing a normal sit up!)terrifying but i still like it!!Hows life ppl? I always ask this Qdon i haha!!

From the cadet!(is there a wrong spelling in there?)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AGGG!! I lost my password!!!!

hi ppl!!!

today i am in a super bad mood lor!Cos i lost my password to MSN which i like like VERY much!!!! I scared hacker cum so i keep changing password until i don noe already! I tried to ask to help but they juz send funny e-mails! xian!! Sigh!!I wish God will be with offence...but i really nid help!geezzz im sry ! Gd nite!

From .....~~~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My sis is back horray!!! Now is my turn!

Hi ppl!!!
i think is last Sunday, my sis and the other ppl came back from their YUNAN trip i very happy yay!!!! But next time It will be my turn in the Choo family to go missonary i think ya....(seriously i hope theres no offence!)as you noe im going Thailand! Hmmmm feel a bit tired....NO must pei yang(chinese means to maintain) a suitable attitude ..........well hows life ppl? No matter what happens i hope you all the best!!!(you will nid it!)

From all -the-best-for-you-and-i-hope-the-trip-will-be-suceeseful-boy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

CHOIR IS FUN!!! Really I mean it!

Hey ppl!

nice to errr ...hear you again. Say remember that time when I told you I joined choir? I didn't? Ok ,anyways today we(the choir) went to VJC(If ur smart enought you might know...Victoria Jonior College).Its was super fun, (10-1+6-8+2)schools(figure that out!)went to perform on stage we too! Our teacher scolded us like very mad!! I guess i should work harder...
Hows life ppl?Cool?Bad?Nothing happend?anyways Byeee-ee-eee-ee-e-e-~~~(splat!)outch!

From the splated Boy(guessed the number of classes? Its 9!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HOLIDAYS cuming homework also~~~=(

Dear friends,
all of u very happy ah cos holidays come super fast! But in the coming of the holidays is also the cuming of the HOMEWORK monster!!!(seriously theres like 1-6 projects! Lifelit,Science,Chinese,Drama...)Ya...i hope u can reffer bac to the post where gt the evil pressure exam one now is not exam is hw!!!!Aggg, I guess is for our own gd! Thanks!(for cuming to my blog,like it or not plz comment thanks!)

From the busy homework=doer

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My buddies!!

hello all,
today im here to tell you that i have great friends...(do u think this sentence is lame?)anyway here is or are a list of my cooool buddies!School:Practically all of the E2 classs. Church:well theres alot but i 'll juz say the very soo close ones(Bernard,Denise,Grace,Regina,Xue Ying,Gerdine,Ellen,thats about it but i have more than this trust me!)I juz say happy holidays to all my friends thoes that i typed out and thoes dat where not all the best !!

From your buddy=)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A bye bye to our teacher.....sob!

Dear Buddies,

as you all have noe I am from 1e2. From the start of the yr,our REAL math teacher was on LeAve so a part-time lady took her JoB. OuR cLaSs THeN DeVelOPeD A ReLaTiOnShIp WiTh hEr(DoN ThInK dIrTy)sry com gt problem.....~~~~~~~~~`~~.OK then it was time for here to go....we all ah very sad we make a farewell party for her!(i contributed,really!)I juz wan to tell her all the best forward!!(NO,i wont tell her age...nope not in a 10000000000 seconds..nope!)

From the teacher's pupil(me la of course and E2 )

Monday, March 9, 2009


To ppl who read this,

suppose you found out u have a competition on something, wad is the 1st thing to cum to ur mind ,practise rite? well SYF cuming april mid. Very excited!!!! WOOOOH HOOO!!! But the teacher juz keep giving and giving to the power of 100000000000000000 repeats! so is like from WHOOO HOOO to booo hoo..~~~.Thank God that I can still manage time too . Oh ya almost forgot,holidays cuming rite.? ahhh...u happy happy ah....but still nid to go back sch for practies ....xian.....nvm la ,all the best to anything !!

From the dude behind this.(U like the music? RRRrr maties!!)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A mission needed to be done...

Hey ppl,

this march there gona be a great holiday,hope you will enjoy it.On the June holidays ,I will be going to Thailand to tell the ppl there bout God.No offence to non-christians friends,after all,Singapore is muti-religious,hope you don mind,It may be dangerous or not, I do not know juz to let you noe.ok thats bout it.thanlks!!

From,the one who typed this message.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The 'evil' preasure of EXAMs.......

Hi friends,family,teachers(if theres any),cousins,uncles,aunts,etc.

once again,I here to tell YOU something about ME which makes it a US kind of thing.Im here to talk about exam presure....I noe,you think it will be boring and soon you be out of my blog,never mind.Preasure is actually something that swashes you from the inside,not physically but mentally.Like a balloon bursting ,the air acts as a kind of preassure.So if youre perassured up,don bust the bubble instead do smthing that cools you off.Im not saying you go Artic or smthing else.Ok looks like your already bored to death,maby not anyways

From,Timothy(do I have to say this every time?)
does anyone noes how to add pics?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fusion Fall!!!!

Hey everyone,

its me!...again.Anyway I just got a new online game called FusionFall.Its really cool!But remember to study as well......welllll unless you want to get a "F"for your subjects.Ok dokie!You can look at it on then,bye for now!!!!!

From,(you noe,do check it out(the "ff"fusion fall)but DO NOT go for unlimited acess,NEVERRRRR...)Timothy=)

Friday, February 20, 2009

My first time blogging.....

Errr Hello,
this is my first time blogging and i really don know what to write.If you don know me,(but usually only thoes that noe me will come here)im Timothy.Ya........sooo examinations are coming ,i wish all the best to my fellow class mates!E2 rox!!!!!Cheers!!

(p.s I noe my first blog very dulll,sorry la!)