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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Examination part 2

hello readers!

today i finally got my results! not really what i thought i would have gotten but i think is good are the results: Eng-64 / b4 Chinese-60/ b4 Math- 78/ a1 Sci-72/ a2 History-73/ a2 DnT-72/ a2 Art-65/ b3 Music- b P.E-b CE- a
so even though i didn't really score well, i no fail is very good i guess even though i was not in the top 10, i still ok cos i will try to work harder for next year...oh yea and today was the councilor interview and i think is quite easy but i doubt that i will become one...cos i saw how 'tough' the sec3s were when we were having the interview....i hope nxt year can do better...

thanks for reading....
From timothy=)

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