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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My life....

hellos pple!! long time didnt post is 2 days only...ok ill start with sat: sat was great la...cos i woke up in the morning then bout 8.30 go church for the bible study..then is like finish the whole thing liaos then gt a mini exam...then go there Bro Chris( one of the in charge for teens) go give us sum tips and revision...then exam cum liaos..then the Q is like most of the Q bro CHris gt say until soo quite easy...then for section A,B,C total gt 54 surly pass liaos!! then after that gt the thailand trip meeting...then talk bout the time table and the orphanages ( place where children wilthout parents live...) sum are christians bt sum are nt...then frm 12.30-3 we disscus then finish liaos then go home...then very tired..

Sun: today quite sian at the morning cos the church children go botanic garden play then no fu shi( service) so nid to wait till bout 4.30 then go for youth service. soo the whole morning and after noon play play then hve a weird feeling cos nt going to church in sunday is like sooper weired....then i bout 3 go to church then meet denise and regina at the MRT then after that we go together to the church then saw en yu so we walk together...then after service go eat then home liaos...then go wif kailing jie and the rest...then on mon gt meet my friends to do a project...very tired....

today: woke up at around 6.30 cos nid to go meet my friends then go to sch i saw only 1 friend so we wait...then gt a lot of sec 4 cum then i saw my other friend cum bt cos he wear the slippers he cannot enter...-_-''. then he luckliy gt bring his sch shoes so we go to the basket ball court then my OTHER friend also cum liaos...soo we make a video on racial harmony friends say can make bout the Handphone the cermical gt the malay, chineses, english and tamil language for the ringtone...super funny sia...go hm liaos then now com-ing

From timmothy

Friday, May 29, 2009

My exam results are FAN-TAS-TIC!!!

hello pple!!

today was quite short soo this post may be like sooper shot. today when to sch last day!! sooo happy then nid go classroom to do CIP( this is the part where you bring ur own cloth and wipe and clean the whole classroom) then like super fast la bout 15 min gao tim( finish liaos)then we go hall for a talk i think on the Asian Youth Games...( a.k.a AYG) then the teacher disucces bout how the touch is goin to cum to our sch passing by then gt 3 students will gt to hold it!! sooo cool all is upper sec one...only gt one sec 2...then after that each class nid to select a country with a luck draw for smthing i forgot...then our class gt malaysia!! actually they all want China cos they think is super strong...lols!! then go to the meet the parent sesscion...then i gt my repot bk...i actually gt 2 A1 and 1 B3 and 2 B4!!! no fail sad la cos nxt term my sci teacher will go to the upper sec then gt new teacher cum...really sad lor...ill miss you Mr Lim( u noe him? i think i gt tell you bout him before?)
From timothy( hi)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another another day in school without teachings...

hellos pple!!

today i woke up at 6 sharp then is like very tired la cos ytd night was playing games on my sis HP cos her one is touch screen...then go sch saw leroy( le-roy)(he is my NPCC squad mate) then we go sch on the same bus...then at sch assemble as usual then blah blah after that we go to the hall for assembly then talk bout err...i forgot i think then go for resscess cos the sec 4 gt the intensive study then all the chinese all go to sec 4 then sec 1 and 2 don hve chinese!! sooo after that nid go back to the hall to play a game the teachers made up called the: "who wants to be a bowinianair"(bo-wee-nian-air) then each class must one by one go up ans a Q. then we waited our turn then after that everyone like sian liaos cos only listen to ppl anwing Qs. then go back class to do smthing related to racial harmony i think...our grp making a video i think is base on the M1 cermical( ker-mer-cial)then like very funny!! then after that still nid to hear a talk on crime prevention...lols almost fell asleep!! then after sch go wif my mum to tampines to buy shoes then i like sooper tired...soo we early go hm...then tml gt clean classroom hope i wount be sooo tired
From timothy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My another day in activities!!!

hellos pple!!!

today woke up at bout 7.30 i think then go is going marsiling for sum activity i think then i dunno yet then we assemble then go liao bt this time is only 3 classes go cos the nuber too big...then i found out that we are going to learn how to like sooo cool la!! then we wear the gears and the skates then gt split into 3 grps: the beginers( didnt learn before) the intermidieat( in-ter-mi-diat)(for the know liao ppls!!) then pre-beginers( still cannot cope with the beginers yet) soo im in the beginer one...then after learning for bout 3hrs we finally gt to take off the gear..then when i did soo my hand is like gt a white strip at my hand cos the gear strap cover my hand then the sun super strong...then after that reach sch go buy bubble teh then go hm liaos then now here coming( is com-ing gt it? lol) tution also over....wish tml no sch then can relax cos my hands aching sia...

From timotee( walk the extra mile...)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Science Center sooo cool!!!

ellos pple!!

sry for nt posting bout everyday cos i a bit lazy liao or i dun hve time...anyways ytd( for ur info: monday) was okok la cos after sch then no more activities do so go hm la then go play com and TV( is watch TV nt play!!) then very that day over liaos ok? then today the sec 1s all go for the science centre trip cos is post exam stuff then very excited frineds all bring their PSP then is like im the only one then the bus trip can play then can nt soo boring...soo i lend bt can only play a while...then at the sci center we go have a info hunt( u noe treasure hunt? is hunt the hunt is hunt the info...) then we must form into grps then go hunt the info...we also gt a booklet and a ticket( free sia...nice!!) then i didnt do cos i wan to enjoyso my friend keep copying then i jus wait lor then i say 1 person copy then later finish all then the rest copy then can cos the booklet dun nid pass up so i didnt do in the end...then saw a lot of funny things like gt this elevator that has moving walls on the side so when you go up is like only the platform going up and not like the HDB is a box going up( understand??!!) then gt play with electricity and saw the moral eel very creepy cos like a stick bt can suddenly spring out to eat or smthing...then we go back liao raining then go with Chee Wai and Sandric( sandric a.k.a san is a IT guy then i think u noe who is chee wai..) then now at hm very tired then tml still nid to go to the skating park then is very tired...tml then say la...
from Timothy..........=)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

errr.....Hi pple!!

hi pple!!!

today: this morning i woke up at bout 7.20 cos i nid go church go help them set up the sign boards for the 365 cancer pervention rasise fund kinda thingy...they sell the food nice laksa even and lor my kiy( these are singapore delights if u dunno) then gt one sell the no-ya they all sell a little bit expensive cos nid to raise funds for the cancer pple...then the lol group( NOT=laugh out means in church lol= light of spent the whole morning frm 9.30-12 setting up the place...then the english minstery cum out they like crowded the whole place then is like woah!! then after that gt children go gt a quick lunch then go upstairs...then today i no fu i jus help out at the cell grp...then like very fun...cos is p6 then more mature then the youngers then like they very funny writing a card to anybody gt one write a card to Mr armpithair...then like sooo funny la..then after that go hve dinner then go hm liao...sooo tired...cant type for ytd one sry ar guys and gals..

From timothy( oh ya i confess i wrote a post in my classblog...the 1st one...check it out..: pls i didnt cum out wif this name friends did...)

Friday, May 22, 2009


hello pple!!

yesterday: yesterday was okok la....first period is assembly then talk bout the smoking hve 4000 chemicals inside then cannot smoke and then how to prevent...after that was chinese...teacher let us slack cos gt nothing to teach liao...then dunno why the class cancel the class outing sia...i think is cos they all busy or smthing else...then cos hols very sian at i ask a few ppl if they wan to go we organised 2 only boys go girls and is NOT class outing...thats why Josiah or me must be the sponser/sponsor(dunno which...) then after sch go hm then gt ready go back sch cos my NPCC uni too big then nid go change...i bout 4.15 smthing cum hm frm changing then com almost all the way...then i remember nid to polish the polish lor...then my sis say the haven polish one is shiny-er than the polish one...then i a bit irritated bt nvm la...

today: today was ok also...i think everyday of my life that has no nid of reading a bk non-stop for 3hrs is okok one..(if u don understand then just skip this part...) first gt the math...then i gt 88 sia!! nice lor...cos is A1....sooo happy!! then my friend (call him Davin a.k.a teh bing) say my ans and his ans diff bt teacher also tick i go ask teacher then she say i wrong...soo i -1 mark...i abit sad la bt at least i was honest rite? soo i gt 87 for math...then sci cum...a very amazing thing happen .... my sci teacher( Mr Lim...derick lim..) say one of the Q the ans nid to change so my sci i +1 mark...thank God la cos in the end i still have same gainage(gain-age the amount of marks scored total of all subs) then this morning i also found a 50 cent on the floor...then my friend say finders i keep cos i dunno who one..then NPCC training very fun...the PT( physical training) very shiock( she-ock..means very wow kind of feeling i think nt sure how to explain..) then gt games...we then change into uni...then like everyone very smart i feel i look like very chubby/fat cos my pants still very big....then when i go hm...i accdentially drop a 50cent...the same 50 cent i picked up this is like very amazing la....nice at hm everyone go cell grp then i a bit sian...tml gt thailand meeting...oks byes!

From timothy(hi)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our sch soccer girls rock!!! yeah!!!

hellos pple!!

today was fantastic lessons as usual and cos form teacher nt here( she is Mrs Izal our form teacher) so we don hve the math lessons!! yay! then the exam results also cum out liao...wah the results really very co-win-si-dence( you noe? when smthing special repeats again...or smthing...) sci: B4, chinese: B4, homecon: B4... i was like shock bt also a bit happy la cos no fail...the rest still dunno....then after sch nid go do sum sort of survy(sur-vay) for the IT thingy...then go to the NPCC the NCO( or to you is a sec 3 high ranking person) teach us how to polish the shoes...the way they do like very easy bt actually nid very long then very shiny...soon we take the sch bus go to the Jalan Be-smthing i forgot then see our sch soccer girls go against the AMK( ang mo kio) sec...then many of the AMK players keep falling down...nt sure if real or jus acting...then in the end we win 2-1! yays!! bt we also gt cheer for the AMK cos they like very sad cos this is the semi-final then after this match we go finals...very exciting...then now jus came hm then too tired to go tution..decided to stay hm rest...hope teacher wount scold me!!

From Timothy(walk the extra mile!!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My NPCC uniform rocks man!! but..there's problem..

hellos pple!!

today is super great at sch lor...cos exam over soo the subject teachers let us play and chat bt nt too loud...very fast sch over liao...then actually meeting Josiah and Chee wai at my hm to go J8(junction 8 at the smwhere in singapore..cant remember...i think is bishan(bee-shan)) then nid stay back to take the NPCC uni...i thought is only like few mins to think is like 1 hour sia...thnks to chee wai cos he warned me bt i thoght NCDCC and NPCC nt actually meeting at 2.30 i reach hm at 4.15...soo they go liao then my dad also see me cum hm very tired so i didnt go i can do anything at hm until night!! yays!! The uni quite big cos they take another guys body as mine...cos that time still gt choir...then now the sleve is like alsmost touching my hand sia....hope the pants is nt too long...sad la...too tired to continue...byes!

From Cadet TCJ( thats timothy choo Jing to you!!)

Monday, May 18, 2009

My another day out...wheew..glad it was over...

hellos pple!!

today is a very busy day i can say....cos Josiah and Joshua and Wei ren cum my hosue play..or smthing....then is like sandric can cum one la bt gt the tution..sian...( the names that i just type are my classmates...Josiah is the chair man( blind man...) Joshua is the badmintonator(smone gd at badminton i think) Wei ren is the friend guy....we play badminton like in the rain this morning...then we cum back hve lunch then go compass point to cut my hair...they stand outside waiting for me...then Josiah pay for our great time at the arcarde...cos he pay for the table thingy and then must shoot the little thing to ur opposite person the slot...very hard la! then play the spider game...nid shoot all the spider then gt one super big one...then we cum hm then play sumomore badminton(i realise that they are OBSSESED with the game sia...)then Chee Wai cum(he is a very perserver kinda guy..don like to gve up) then play play then we go back hm take bag then they go hm....then whole evening play the piano and sis keep wanting frm me sia...idk y siddenly a crave for psp...ok thats all for is marking day sia...NO SCH!! YAYS! tml gtinng the NPCC uni..very excited then hve the2.4km run...also very scared...all the best la!! God bless!! Cheers!

From Timothy(walk the extra mile!!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SFY is a success!!! i'll explain...

hi pple!!

firstly im here to say er...sorry ya..cos i long time no post liao(seriously long la!! bout 1.5 weeks didnt touch liaos) then today is i think i hve told you...i hve a performance to raise funds for mission trips( nt gt CDs...they are nice!!)then is like today very tired...morning went to church by Grace's dad vehicle( Grace chow...nt ho...anyways she's my sis's buddie) then went to a building famously known as 6C...then we pray...really powerful sia...seriously...then we gt ready( gt make -up on my face bt is super light like did'nt put like that then go do hair...they do my hair like pulling my hair...very pain...) then i go hve lunch...then go back church perform dance dance finish!!!( it only last 1min though) then go hve dinner at PS(plaza sing....cos my sis they all go there then i follow) then i back really tough...spent 10 mins in the shower just for the hair!! now i think i go to sleep..tml Jos and Josh cuming to play bad...again!!(bad=badminton) but i think will be fun la!! cheers!!!

From Timothy...walk the extra mile.