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Friday, August 21, 2009

Long time ago...

Hello guys!

sry i didnt really post for a very long this period of time i really experience a lot in God and stuff like the recently common test ( class test ) i actually is study the day before one and is really very rush and i didn't hve time to do my tution hw. But i thank God cos he really blessed not only me bt my friends too..almost all the students say quite easy. The next thing is the SING FOR YOU 2!!! That time was really great...cos i was in charge of assiting Enyu ( friend church) in the process of changing from slides to we were very successful and thank God for that and i was sooper thankful when Lance ( ckassmate- true name is Yong Heng) cos he gt come....then he kinda liked it i think...most of all i thank God that drums lessons have ressumed!! That means that every thur or dunno wat day ( smtimes will change) will have lessons!!!! Thanks for tagging even though i did't post!! May God bless you in your daily life!!!! Cheers!

From Timothy

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