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Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Readers,

today i am going to share about my exam results...actually i have study la but my exam results still not as good as my mock test...a bit strange u know what i mean? But through this period of time i learnt that i can do absolute nothing without God. I recall that when ever i pass a exam with good grades i will forget how i do it and looking at the papers i actually dunno how to do the questions, so i am very sure God is with me, but for this year's EOY ( end of year exam) i only studied at the few days before the exam and so i think i am ok la...and the papers seem soo easy and i though i would have got great marks. But i found out that only when i trust God completely, can i really this story i made up : There was this boy named Bob and he was blind. He will always try to find a path back to his home, but he will always be lost because he is blind and cannot see his way. One day, he heard that a famous doctor had come to his town so he was excited that he can finally see. But on his way there, he was lost usual...then he felt that someone was holding his hand...that person did not talk he just led Bob somewhere...Bob was frightened because he really wanted to see again and find that doctor...but Bob trusted that the person will do no harm to he just let the person led him...soon the person gave Bob a pill and when he ate it he could see again!!! What he saw shocked him...he saw that he was at his home and that the person was the famous doctor that led him to his home....Bob was happy that he trusted the person...

so i hope this story will tell you about how trusting God fully is very important.....
thanks for err...reading=)

By timothy choo - p.s Bob's story is fictional

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