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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello im back!!!

hello pple!! such a looong time since i posted anything...ok im not going to talk bout my trip to thailand today...srysry bt im going to share bout what i have learnt....

1. I learnt that girls of thailand are very very very shy!!!
2. I learnt that living without TV is possible for more than 3 days!!
3.I learnt that if you marinate a chicken in soy sauce in a fridge for 2 days and then go fried it it is sooper nice...
4. I learnt that AirAsia planes are very rocky when they take off and landing
5. I learnt that we must encourage each other in a team in order to improve
6. I learnt that being sick during a mission is a very sad thing cos you cant do anything to help
7. I learnt that bloging what had happened during my trip is impossible unless i break it into many posts

ok thats about all i will be posting again soooon!!
From Timothy Choo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the sequence of my friends

hello pple!

today im here to talk about the status if my friends no matter ur a chruch friend or a classmate:1.True Brother/Sister- they are the ones that really care bout one and stick together(R)
2.Brothers/Sister-they stick together during the harsh-est times together...(R)
3.True Buddies-they are the ones that be together through fun and sad(OF)
4.Great buddies-they hang around one...often bringing joy to one(OF)
5.Buddies-they stick together only when they see one(OF)
6.True friend-only care bout one when they receive the news...(VO)
7.Great friend-hang out wif one quite rarely bt will care for one(OF)
8.friend-knowledge of one is little and talks nt much to one(VO)
here are the legends: (R)=rare (OF)=Often (VO)=very often
rate yourself and see what kind of friend are you to me!!
Hve fun!!! i will nt post for the nxt 7 days !!

From Timothy Choo Jing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My trip to malaysia wif my church...soo fun!!!

hello pple!!

today im here to tell you bout the things i expericnce in my church retreat to malaysia, Johor Barhu... here are sum of the main pple i might talk bout that u don really noe...( intro to my friends/teachers/parents/sibilings and so on)
1. My parents ( mom and dad )
>Grace Ho ( she is a great friend of mine that is very smart..)
>Regina ( she quite sentitive to laughter and is a buddie)
>Denise ( she is very open and is a great buddie)
>En yu...a.k.a Joshua (very pleasing to be wif and likes to watch TV on handphone...great friend)
>Gerdine ( she very rough smtimes but all the time is very peaceful....true friend)
3.Teachers ( there's quite a lot soo i jus skip to the children friends)
4.Friends( below 13):
>Jeremiah ( 12 this year.. very sporty and friendly to be wif...true buddie)
>Nicholas( 10 is yr...very hyper and likes jokes a lot...true friend)
>Timothy( 9 is think.nt sure... he is a very cheerful guy wif little negetive...great friend)
>Zechariah(Jeremiah's bro...quite open minded and very playful...friend)
> Yi Xin( bout 9 i think...very active and likes to wrestle wif me...pain!! true friend)
>Li Yan( bout 9 i regina's bro then very cute...great friend)
>Pei Xian( a member of the thailand trip also...hi 5!)
>David( the leader of the trip to thailand)
>Kian Hong( a great singer and composer)
>My sisters( great pianst and singers and composers)
>Sin tat( great electronic drummer and RGB expert)
>Jon shea ( ultra drummer and great singer)
>Yan ling ( a great singer and is going to marry to David by the end of this yr)
Sunday,7th June:
after church service mum sort of pulled me to the hawker to hve late lunch at bout 4.30 cos i didnt eat that after eating David went to my dad's car to put some stuff for the trip then after that we boarded the bus and went to the trip was bout 1.5 hrs and is quite fast la...reach the woodlands tuas and then went to the line to chop the passport i think...then i saw regina behind the line and enyu at another line...then went back to the we went to the hotel...very big!!! bout 30 stories high!! i pub gt club gt snookers and a big swiming pool!!! also gt a big gym...then we took the door key and go to our rooms..and our room number is 2009!!!!!!!!!!! i think( 20 is level 20 then 09 is the number of rooms in the level 20)then after that went to have dinner after i ALMOST finish the mum ask me to move somewhere else cos the place too i move to squeese wif my sis...then i saw enyu and regina and denise...enyu and regina sitting at my left and right on the floor then denise sitting on the when she sort of call me..everyone on the table looked at me...quite funny la...then went to level 6 for a game period...very funn.!! after that go back rm sleep ....
Monday,8th June
woke up then went for 2 sermons in the morning after breakfast then go to hve lunch after that..the sermons at first i think surely boring then i will actually the first sermon i alsomst sleep bt the second quite interesting....then went to hve lunch then planned to go to the gym wif the sec 1s and nicholas go la cos they give the whole after noon free time...then we whent to Denise room first to meet up then go liaos....then cos regina and me were wearing the jeans cannot go inside so we hve to go back to change...then i change faster so i go first( also becos the cleaning ppl acome until my rm liaos)then go gym...timothy"s dad ask who wan to play the i and nichols go then we hve a lot of fun...then i saw the rest of the sec 1 going to the i go ask them can swim in shrits meh...they say can as long as you go borrow a towel from the gym so they 123 jump i pushed denise down so regina and jermiah and denise were in the water then cos when they jump gerdine didnt jump so i pushed here down then i continue to go play wif timothy...we ended up swiming wif the guys cos the weather was sooper hot...then finish liaos go back rm gt ready for the dinner...after that went to 3rd sermon...then i find it very interesting...then i went to sit wif the denise and regina and grace and enyu...then i saw regina pass me a note saying.."I will always be your BBF" wif her signature then enyu go change to "I will always be your gf" very diao la....then regina snatch back and tore it into 4 pices then i wrote back ok thnks!!
Tuesday,9th june
woke up then went to breakfast then after that we pack up and took the luggages to the Ground level then when for the last sermon....VERY INTERESTING... then heard testimonies during the trips then went down to collect the luggages and went to buses...woah all of us different buses one lor...sad la...except nicholas and my parents....i was the only teenager in my bus apart frm another one bt is frm the eng min of our church...then went to JUSCO to hve lunch and shopping..another very coinicidenal thing happened..when i alighted the bus i also saw regina alight from the bus...i nt sure if she saw me bt i noe her bro cuming after me saying"hello brother!" cos they think im very nice person so they make me their bro...then nicholas and the yi xin and li yan all kind of like grab onto me then timothy said hi to me and is like im a magnet to children...-_-''' but i like little children..!! too bad i dun hve little bros or sis....then after that when to the tuas before that we were waititng for the rest of the ppl to board the the corner of my eye i saw regina at the other bus like staring at smthing...then we waved and smilled then we wnet off...( wnet= went+ when) then reach church my dad drove us back wif the car then go hm sleep .....GOD BLESS YOU!

Regards Timothy Choo Jing
( i love the hotels' conflakes...very nice...)

YAY!! im back from retreat! now on to thailand...

hello pple!

today im typing this post becos i want to inform u all guys that i was not contactable during these past 3 days as i was in malaysia and i cannot call abroad..ok la i nxt time then say about the retreat very fun!! thats bout all! sry for any misunderstanding or confusion caused...thanks!! bbye!

Regards Timothy Choo Jing

Friday, June 5, 2009


hello pple!!

ytd and today was quite same la so im just gona say quite generally...ok ytd: i woke up as usual then go to church at 9 then go to the 40a rm 1 then the team came 1hr late thing David was early then we gt the devotion for the whole morning then we disscussed bout the time-table for the trip then i saw a game i didnt know so i called: turst fall. then they demo-ed...i had to stand on the table and fall backwards!! while the rest are at the back holding me....i think i told u before? then after that we dissuces bout the drammas then fin liaos go hm...
today: ok la i woke up at 10 then go to TB mrt to meet my team then eat MAc for lunch then after that go to the church office to disscus sum more than after that go back to church...actually i shud go church one bt i choose the wrong choice cos the pastor gt pray for the thailand trip ppl...sad la...sry guys...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi its me!! remember? im timothy hi!!!

hellos pple!!

don worry u can ignor the title...anyways today i woke up in the morning to go to the prayer meeting wif my big sis at the tan boon liat building( smwhere near tiong baru MRT) then the prayer powerful leh...cos the pastor and a lot of the in-charges are there( they are the pple in charge of different deparments in the church like children part and adult and teens and elderly and so on) then i gt to pray for the children and teens ministry...soo cool!! then i when to tiong baru the market there wif the church pple to hve lunch then after that the thailand ppl and me go to the church to hve think of dissusion for sum testimony then like very hard like that then after i finish making my testimony then go play the drums and like nice la cos we at the rm 308. after that we when to geylang..( pls pple...go there to gt vaccination...INJECTION...nt what ur thinking..)then we reach the doctor say my arm the musscle nt enought so he injected my butt...quite pain la bt also a bt nice...cos gd sweets to eat! then after that hve dinner and then go hm going to sleep...
from timothy

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thailand trip meeting...

hello pple!!

today i woke up at bout 7 i think vos the going thailand pple is suppose to meet at 9.00am at queenstown one of the hawker near our church for breakfast...then when i reach gt no one i frantically SMS my team then all of them late sia!! bt nvm la cos they all last night sleep in the end we ate light breakfast then go to the 40a room 1( thats the classroom on top of the hawker) then we had devotion matt chap 5 i think bt i remember is bout betutes( be-ti-tu-ties) devotion quite long bt is like only 30 min bt is actually bout 3hr then at bout 12 we still nt hungry yet so david( leader...) show us sum jokes on the Mac book then very funny. then later bout 1 we go eat then after that at 2.30pm we go back and go "train" on the thai song we are suppose to learn:"Jesus lover of my Soul" in thai. then we made a dramma bout David and Goliath... then cos i was the youngest i gt the role of David then the play is like very funny cos the show is for kids...then is like i throw a paper ball at Goliath and he!!!!
then after that i nid to go all the way to my tution centre to gt my HW cos tml i nt going cos i gt another i m still nite!!
from timothy!