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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A mission needed to be done...

Hey ppl,

this march there gona be a great holiday,hope you will enjoy it.On the June holidays ,I will be going to Thailand to tell the ppl there bout God.No offence to non-christians friends,after all,Singapore is muti-religious,hope you don mind,It may be dangerous or not, I do not know juz to let you noe.ok thats bout it.thanlks!!

From,the one who typed this message.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The 'evil' preasure of EXAMs.......

Hi friends,family,teachers(if theres any),cousins,uncles,aunts,etc.

once again,I here to tell YOU something about ME which makes it a US kind of thing.Im here to talk about exam presure....I noe,you think it will be boring and soon you be out of my blog,never mind.Preasure is actually something that swashes you from the inside,not physically but mentally.Like a balloon bursting ,the air acts as a kind of preassure.So if youre perassured up,don bust the bubble instead do smthing that cools you off.Im not saying you go Artic or smthing else.Ok looks like your already bored to death,maby not anyways

From,Timothy(do I have to say this every time?)
does anyone noes how to add pics?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fusion Fall!!!!

Hey everyone,

its me!...again.Anyway I just got a new online game called FusionFall.Its really cool!But remember to study as well......welllll unless you want to get a "F"for your subjects.Ok dokie!You can look at it on then,bye for now!!!!!

From,(you noe,do check it out(the "ff"fusion fall)but DO NOT go for unlimited acess,NEVERRRRR...)Timothy=)

Friday, February 20, 2009

My first time blogging.....

Errr Hello,
this is my first time blogging and i really don know what to write.If you don know me,(but usually only thoes that noe me will come here)im Timothy.Ya........sooo examinations are coming ,i wish all the best to my fellow class mates!E2 rox!!!!!Cheers!!

(p.s I noe my first blog very dulll,sorry la!)