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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A friends Day out...

eollos pple!!

today at sch was real fine!! then time flies and sch was over...yays! LOG WEEKENDS!!then the Famous Four( ok i made that it sounds cool rite?) go to my house naming: Chee Wai, Josiah ,Joshua and me....sad las cos gt one friend didn cum schcos gt sum reason...then we play badminton(its is a very tiring game....expctially(es-pae-shr-ly)for 2h)thats what we did...then cum back super tired...then they go liao....i also heard that Josiah is going to Hong Kong tml...the Disney Land!! all the best! yup! thats all for today...i wonder if tml or the nxt tml will turn out to be what? Tune in to find out!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


hi pple!!

today is SYF day!!! I fell very tired....cos nid frm 6.30-7.00 at SCH!!! ok hve go VCH(for ur info it is Victoria Concert Hall) we morning prepare voice then we bout 8 go VCH...then we go up on stage after we alighted...very fast...then gt one group in purple go before us( we are red ppl...guys are black+red) then we perform...sing like crazzy(we almostt shout i think)then we see 2 more choirs...they very funny...cos the one group singing im on fire? lols!!..then another group singing halleluja...very cool! then gt Macdonalds we eat then the teacher(a.k.a. Mr Foong...pronounced as Mr fu-ong)then we go back sch rest play play until bout 4 we gt results that we gt sliver...high sliver to sound nice!! then we perform at sch...till 7 then i take bus 43 then i fell asleep then i nid to walk back to home...soo is like super tired...ya...this is also the last day in choir ...then i go wishes to my fellow choir mates!!

From Timotee!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a day!!! wheww......sooo tired...

hi pple!!

today was smashing!!( its a bad thing when i say that) cos today seriously busy...ok let me start..this morning gt school..then blah blah finish! yays! bt then nid to go hm to gt some history project thingy and bluetac then nid go to dramma rehears( but in the end call off cos everyone very tired)then i go choir till 6.30 then i cum hm then now here at com!!then later must do the modelling then hve tution hw then sch hw then nid a lot of other hw! i think i nid a break....i guess i cannot slack too much also...well i jus hope exams will pass ASAP!!

From the timothy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gosh IM SICK!!!! But YAYs!! No school!!!!

yos ppl!

today i got sick! cos during the weekends i think got showerde by rain or smthing.My mum says im too tired but i think is rain la! Today very xian at home, i woke up around 7++ then cannot go sch cos mum say the sick later pass to other ppl. then go see doctor waited for 30mins then is my turn. my mum say she also sick cos she sounds funny (throth gt problem) then Ryan SMS and Josiah also SMS me(Ryan is my classmate, Josiah is my chairman!)then Evon call me(she is also my classmate...but I think i spel her name wrongly)but i cannot still gt choir practise and NPCC now all cannot go liao...a bit sad. But the e-learning hw is also finish already thanks Ryan! anyways i hope i can be better tml,cos today the SBS ppl cum and change the ez-link then i didnt cum so very sad cannot take and see the new card.

hope to be better

From the sick boy(sick as in the physical sick not the perverted sick haha!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

YAY!!!! Sunday is finally here!!!!!

hi people!!!

Guess what? Today is Sunday!!! I noe is very very common to go throught Sunday. But this Easter not about chocolate eggs or the easter bunny...its about God ! I noe this sounds a bit weired but It IS TRUE! God died for us on the Friday so we can be free(thats y its called Godd Friday!)Then he came back to live on the 3rd day which is today!(cos his God)So is like saying we can celebrate today! Cos he is alive!!!(2000yrs ago...)okie i hope this post will toutch your heart but if it didnt then nvm thnkas anyways!!!

From Timothy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My songs!!!

hi ppole!!

once again im here to tell you ppl smthing in my life haha!anyways i juz hope u like my new songs! but plz if you wan to listen, plz stop the pirates of the carribbean song before playing the others and ya the love story song rite? is not special to mi anymore only hossana! thanks this is more of a reminder than a post haha cheers!!

From Timo the servant!

(p.s ppl i changed my e-mail plz contact my e-mail via thanks!!)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Friday is here!!!!!!! yeah man!!!

hi ppl!!!

nice to see you again!!! hey good fridays cuming!!!YAY!!!-_-''' anyways you ppl noe the meaning of good friday? i later tell you haha!! the month i very busy but i now slacking haha nid to work harder....hope for all the best for the SYF choir!! i also added some songs! i noe the first few songs are a bit boring or juz too childish! i garentee you that the new songs i added can be better! they are really special to me!!!! hope you like it!! oh ya if you don see them then you have to wait cos i hvent add yet haha!!! ok all the best for anything cuming!!!

cheers mates!!!

From Timothy Choo=)

(the ans to y Gd friday is gd is becos in Christians the Lord(a.k.a Jesus)died for the ppl on the cross to set us free frm our sins anyways in the end he came alive again cos his God. ya)and here is a pic frm NPCC enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hey guys!

today is aprils fools day!!! the best day of my whole yre round 365 days(exculding gd friday(p.s its really good!!)) anyways i manged to scared (or trick you might say) err a small percentage of only 2 ppl! haha, actually i already scared my friend yesterday! (his name is annomous (i cant bear to embrass him, did i say its a him?nono his a err person yaya!)i managed to scare that person 5 times (3 in the morning, 2 in class)haha! Tml is his B-day!!! Congrates if ur reading this,anyways YPPAH LIRPA SLOOF YAD!!(IF U uNnDeRsTaNd !!)I hope to scare him but ill feel v.guilty i guess i wont(don worry!)

From the prankster(actually is more of a scarer, but who cares anyway? haha HAFD!!)