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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The End

hello guys!!

sry i realise that i hve no time to blog at all sooo thanks for coming to today's funeral...i think my blog i only 1years old..lols haha ok so just to update things for the last time...i joined NPCC NPAP, which stands for national police annual parade...the biggest parade every year...quite tiring then reach home last night at about 8 i and also common test is coming soo all the best! and last of all..i have becomed a councillor!! yay!! lol i think more like a councillor under probation...haha ok that's all for today's final post...any words of comfort can be said in the tag box ( just kidding you don't have to if you don't And here i salute my blog for being so faithful always...

From Timothy
( The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not be in want.... Psalm 23:1)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sec 1 outing

hello readers!

I didn't really post for quite a while and a lot of things happen during this time and one of them is the Sec 1 outing!!! Last Thursday my church sec 1 friends were gathered by a youth called Kailing to go to Marina Barrage to fly we were to meet at city hall mrt. There was Grace, Denise, Regina, Cindy and En yu ( so little boys in this batch of sec 1s !!!!) then we headed for Mac for lunch before heading towards Marina Barrage..but cos we have to take shuttle bus there and there is a construction site so a lot of dust and my throat is very irritated...then En yu got bitten by red ants at the ankle...then at last we reached there!! By the time we got there the place was quite wet cos the rain just stopped. So we took off our shoes and ran in watery grass with kites that just could not fly...( one reason is becos we not good at it..) then Denise thought whether we could go bowling but cos Kailing has a meeting and there was not enough time...she told us to go ourselves but must ask permission from our parents..

Then we headed to i think is city hall for dinner and then Kailing had to go so we said bye and went to the Marina Square Bowling alley...but cos we were not here before we took some time to find it and when we found was booked by a company for enjoyment!!!!!The WHOLE bowling alley!!!!!! So we discussed and decided to go Kovan for bowling, but Cindy thought that it was a bit far from her place so she said bye...then by the time we reached Kovan it was about 8+ and all the lanes were taken!!! So we waited and played a bit at the arcade only racing and En yu was the first...then finally we got the 2nd lane and we played for 2 rounds...and it cost $41.50!!! very expensive!! So i guess we had a great time!!
Thanks for reading!!

From Timothy
(p.s one of the kite we flew got stuck on the tree but a Indian man helped us)
(p.p.s it started to rain only after we done flying the kites and we played in the fountain!! Thank God!!)
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Examination part 2

hello readers!

today i finally got my results! not really what i thought i would have gotten but i think is good are the results: Eng-64 / b4 Chinese-60/ b4 Math- 78/ a1 Sci-72/ a2 History-73/ a2 DnT-72/ a2 Art-65/ b3 Music- b P.E-b CE- a
so even though i didn't really score well, i no fail is very good i guess even though i was not in the top 10, i still ok cos i will try to work harder for next year...oh yea and today was the councilor interview and i think is quite easy but i doubt that i will become one...cos i saw how 'tough' the sec3s were when we were having the interview....i hope nxt year can do better...

thanks for reading....
From timothy=)

Pottery Jungle

hello readers,

today our class took a trip to a pottery jungle a.k.a Dragon Kuit. It is located in jurong so is very very far from my school at serangoon. But it gives a bit of free time for my friends to play their PSP games...cos i forgot to bring...and the teacher which is bringing us there is very funny sia...he like very direct: ok 1e2 just go onto the bus and sit down and shut up... then is like very funny. Anyway, the place had a lot of pots and had many statues...some are like super cool! like got one is a giant eagle, or a small elephant...then we were given balls of clay and were asked to make something out of it...then i made a call la cos not in shape... and many of my classmate made very nice ones...then we go for a break and we go buy stuff to eat...( mostly ice-cream) and then we went to modelling on the potter's a wheel that spins and you have to shape the mold with wet hands...then i made the pot's lip (the top part) very thin...then josiah( friend of mine) make until the clay spanned off the wheel..then very funny...anyway then we went back to school...the end..lols

so i learnt that buses are very comfortable sometimes..lols

From timothy =)
p.s the Dragon Kuit is becos the furnance is very big and long like drangon and have fire come out

Monday, October 19, 2009


Dear Readers,

today i am going to share about my exam results...actually i have study la but my exam results still not as good as my mock test...a bit strange u know what i mean? But through this period of time i learnt that i can do absolute nothing without God. I recall that when ever i pass a exam with good grades i will forget how i do it and looking at the papers i actually dunno how to do the questions, so i am very sure God is with me, but for this year's EOY ( end of year exam) i only studied at the few days before the exam and so i think i am ok la...and the papers seem soo easy and i though i would have got great marks. But i found out that only when i trust God completely, can i really this story i made up : There was this boy named Bob and he was blind. He will always try to find a path back to his home, but he will always be lost because he is blind and cannot see his way. One day, he heard that a famous doctor had come to his town so he was excited that he can finally see. But on his way there, he was lost usual...then he felt that someone was holding his hand...that person did not talk he just led Bob somewhere...Bob was frightened because he really wanted to see again and find that doctor...but Bob trusted that the person will do no harm to he just let the person led him...soon the person gave Bob a pill and when he ate it he could see again!!! What he saw shocked him...he saw that he was at his home and that the person was the famous doctor that led him to his home....Bob was happy that he trusted the person...

so i hope this story will tell you about how trusting God fully is very important.....
thanks for err...reading=)

By timothy choo - p.s Bob's story is fictional

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello readers!

today i went to a clinic because my ear was blocked..then there the doctor used a very large spryinge to suck up a container of purple stuff and then kinda squirted in my ear! Quite disgusting when i saw my own err....u noe..the yellow thingy in ur ear...then i thank God because it has been stucked there for 3 days! so long... and the other thing is that i gt a new phone for my birthday!! I only got the phone ytd cos only then can i gt it! My phone is touch screen one! bt i can only thank God ...Holidays are coming! Hope u all can enjoy ur holidays!!! Cya!

From timothy
(p.s this is not counted as a informal

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long time ago...

Hello guys!

sry i didnt really post for a very long this period of time i really experience a lot in God and stuff like the recently common test ( class test ) i actually is study the day before one and is really very rush and i didn't hve time to do my tution hw. But i thank God cos he really blessed not only me bt my friends too..almost all the students say quite easy. The next thing is the SING FOR YOU 2!!! That time was really great...cos i was in charge of assiting Enyu ( friend church) in the process of changing from slides to we were very successful and thank God for that and i was sooper thankful when Lance ( ckassmate- true name is Yong Heng) cos he gt come....then he kinda liked it i think...most of all i thank God that drums lessons have ressumed!! That means that every thur or dunno wat day ( smtimes will change) will have lessons!!!! Thanks for tagging even though i did't post!! May God bless you in your daily life!!!! Cheers!

From Timothy