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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sec 1 outing

hello readers!

I didn't really post for quite a while and a lot of things happen during this time and one of them is the Sec 1 outing!!! Last Thursday my church sec 1 friends were gathered by a youth called Kailing to go to Marina Barrage to fly we were to meet at city hall mrt. There was Grace, Denise, Regina, Cindy and En yu ( so little boys in this batch of sec 1s !!!!) then we headed for Mac for lunch before heading towards Marina Barrage..but cos we have to take shuttle bus there and there is a construction site so a lot of dust and my throat is very irritated...then En yu got bitten by red ants at the ankle...then at last we reached there!! By the time we got there the place was quite wet cos the rain just stopped. So we took off our shoes and ran in watery grass with kites that just could not fly...( one reason is becos we not good at it..) then Denise thought whether we could go bowling but cos Kailing has a meeting and there was not enough time...she told us to go ourselves but must ask permission from our parents..

Then we headed to i think is city hall for dinner and then Kailing had to go so we said bye and went to the Marina Square Bowling alley...but cos we were not here before we took some time to find it and when we found was booked by a company for enjoyment!!!!!The WHOLE bowling alley!!!!!! So we discussed and decided to go Kovan for bowling, but Cindy thought that it was a bit far from her place so she said bye...then by the time we reached Kovan it was about 8+ and all the lanes were taken!!! So we waited and played a bit at the arcade only racing and En yu was the first...then finally we got the 2nd lane and we played for 2 rounds...and it cost $41.50!!! very expensive!! So i guess we had a great time!!
Thanks for reading!!

From Timothy
(p.s one of the kite we flew got stuck on the tree but a Indian man helped us)
(p.p.s it started to rain only after we done flying the kites and we played in the fountain!! Thank God!!)
(p.p.p.s go back to p.s)

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