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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Npcc rocks man!!! Not for the fainted-hearted...

hey guys!

hows it going?! Today i'm happy so don worry that i will bash anyone up(which i don even if im angry)haha anyways yesterday i went to NPCC it rox man!!!! Ya but since i nid to choir first so i a bit late but i had fun! There are 5 knots in this world that i have learnt:the thumb knot(your normal one)the 7 knot(use the shape of the 7 with your fingers)the 8 knot(the knot looks like channel 8! haha)the fireman's chair(very difficult!!!)the double tie knot(your normal knot only with 2 strings together!cool eh?)But the most tough part of NPCC is the PT(physical training)ok here's how it looks like: DO 50 PUSH UPS AND THEN 60 JUMPING JACKS AND THEN RUN AROUND THE SCHOOL TWICE THEN BACK TO PUSH UPS THEN CRUCHES(you noe?where you hve to raise you legs while doing a normal sit up!)terrifying but i still like it!!Hows life ppl? I always ask this Qdon i haha!!

From the cadet!(is there a wrong spelling in there?)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AGGG!! I lost my password!!!!

hi ppl!!!

today i am in a super bad mood lor!Cos i lost my password to MSN which i like like VERY much!!!! I scared hacker cum so i keep changing password until i don noe already! I tried to ask to help but they juz send funny e-mails! xian!! Sigh!!I wish God will be with offence...but i really nid help!geezzz im sry ! Gd nite!

From .....~~~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My sis is back horray!!! Now is my turn!

Hi ppl!!!
i think is last Sunday, my sis and the other ppl came back from their YUNAN trip i very happy yay!!!! But next time It will be my turn in the Choo family to go missonary i think ya....(seriously i hope theres no offence!)as you noe im going Thailand! Hmmmm feel a bit tired....NO must pei yang(chinese means to maintain) a suitable attitude ..........well hows life ppl? No matter what happens i hope you all the best!!!(you will nid it!)

From all -the-best-for-you-and-i-hope-the-trip-will-be-suceeseful-boy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

CHOIR IS FUN!!! Really I mean it!

Hey ppl!

nice to errr ...hear you again. Say remember that time when I told you I joined choir? I didn't? Ok ,anyways today we(the choir) went to VJC(If ur smart enought you might know...Victoria Jonior College).Its was super fun, (10-1+6-8+2)schools(figure that out!)went to perform on stage we too! Our teacher scolded us like very mad!! I guess i should work harder...
Hows life ppl?Cool?Bad?Nothing happend?anyways Byeee-ee-eee-ee-e-e-~~~(splat!)outch!

From the splated Boy(guessed the number of classes? Its 9!)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HOLIDAYS cuming homework also~~~=(

Dear friends,
all of u very happy ah cos holidays come super fast! But in the coming of the holidays is also the cuming of the HOMEWORK monster!!!(seriously theres like 1-6 projects! Lifelit,Science,Chinese,Drama...)Ya...i hope u can reffer bac to the post where gt the evil pressure exam one now is not exam is hw!!!!Aggg, I guess is for our own gd! Thanks!(for cuming to my blog,like it or not plz comment thanks!)

From the busy homework=doer

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My buddies!!

hello all,
today im here to tell you that i have great friends...(do u think this sentence is lame?)anyway here is or are a list of my cooool buddies!School:Practically all of the E2 classs. Church:well theres alot but i 'll juz say the very soo close ones(Bernard,Denise,Grace,Regina,Xue Ying,Gerdine,Ellen,thats about it but i have more than this trust me!)I juz say happy holidays to all my friends thoes that i typed out and thoes dat where not all the best !!

From your buddy=)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A bye bye to our teacher.....sob!

Dear Buddies,

as you all have noe I am from 1e2. From the start of the yr,our REAL math teacher was on LeAve so a part-time lady took her JoB. OuR cLaSs THeN DeVelOPeD A ReLaTiOnShIp WiTh hEr(DoN ThInK dIrTy)sry com gt problem.....~~~~~~~~~`~~.OK then it was time for here to go....we all ah very sad we make a farewell party for her!(i contributed,really!)I juz wan to tell her all the best forward!!(NO,i wont tell her age...nope not in a 10000000000 seconds..nope!)

From the teacher's pupil(me la of course and E2 )

Monday, March 9, 2009


To ppl who read this,

suppose you found out u have a competition on something, wad is the 1st thing to cum to ur mind ,practise rite? well SYF cuming april mid. Very excited!!!! WOOOOH HOOO!!! But the teacher juz keep giving and giving to the power of 100000000000000000 repeats! so is like from WHOOO HOOO to booo hoo..~~~.Thank God that I can still manage time too . Oh ya almost forgot,holidays cuming rite.? ahhh...u happy happy ah....but still nid to go back sch for practies ....xian.....nvm la ,all the best to anything !!

From the dude behind this.(U like the music? RRRrr maties!!)